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#No.161A,Thiruvallur Salai, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai- 600 041.

+91 94443 76556 / +91 44 24411106

omserma1985@gmail.com / sales@omserma.com


No.290,291 & 292 2nd main road, Nehru nagar, Kottivakkam, OMR, Chennai- 600 096.

+91 94443 76556 / +91 44 24411106

omserma1985@gmail.com /  sales@omserma.com

Our Clients Testimonials

Christopher Thadani

It’s the one-stop store where you get all Hardware, all plumbing requirements, all paints including customized paints and a lot of tools. Its is also run very efficiently.

Swaminathan Kumaragurubaran

Very popular Hardware Store in Thiruvanmiyur. You can get all varieties of materials related to Sanitary Painting, Plumbing, etc.

Murali Raghavan

A most reputed hardware store in South Chennai known for trust, reliability, quality and competitive pricing. Offering a wide range of construction materials and hardware items, this is a favorite store for customers, masons, and contractors as well. A one-stop-shop for all your household hardware materials.

Hemanshu Bhatia

Excellent hardware shop in Thiruvanmiyur. Well maintained showroom on the first floor. Staff is very courteous and well versed with all the items rates and availability. Nice delivery terms. Lots of options to choose from. Thanks n a nutshell very affordable prices from a wide variety to choose from Om Serma Enterprises